CoreSpine's Nucleus Removal System

The first device from CoreSpine Technologies is intended to safely and effectively provide a complete nucleus removal through improved access, especially via the posterior approach. It is intended to protect the annulus and endplates from further damage during the process of preparing the disc space for a spinal implant. Ultimately, CoreSpine’s Nucleus Removal System seeks to enable emerging devices to be properly positioned within a well-prepared disc space. The system is fully automated and requires no capital equipment expenditure.

The technology has also been licensed for use outside the spine.

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Future Products

Cartilage Removal System

As CoreSpine expands its platform technology, the Cartilage Removal System will be the next device the company will seek to commercialize. Innovative engineering work has already begun to develop and refine the best design to remove only the cartilaginous endplate. Similar to the nucleus removal device, this product will seek to remove only the cartilaginous endplate and not surrounding tissues, including annulus and bone.

Upon commercialization of the cartilage removal device, CoreSpine will support additional product development efforts that serve unmet needs within the spine industry.

The cartilage removal device is not yet cleared by the FDA for sale in the US.